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The $145 jackpot in Saturday’s Lotto Texas drawing generated $122 million in sales, lottery officials said Wednesday.

“We’re calling it the ‘wow week,’” said Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director Reagan Greer.


“Our sales are tracking nearly 10 percent over last year at this time,” he said.


The Texas Lottery Commission has heard from the person who holds the only winning ticket in Saturday’s $145 million drawing.


Lottery spokesman Bobby Heith said the ticket-holder passed the initial verification inquiry and was advised to seek legal and financial advice and call back when ready to claim the prize.


Heith said the commission is withholding the person’s identity, for now.


The ticket was bought at a Chevron gas station and convenience store near downtown El Paso.


The operators will receive the maximum $500,000 bounty for selling the ticket.




Two Winners Share £3 Million Lottery Jackpot

Two lucky winners shared tonight’s £3 million lottery jackpot, Camelot said.


They each scooped £1,544,148 after picking the winning numbers, 6, 43, 15, 13, 40, 9 and the bonus number 2.


Camelot said 12 tickets won £79,187 each for matching five balls and the bonus number; 309 matched five balls to win £1,922 each; 19,709 matched four numbers to win £66 each and 385,086 won £10 each for matching three balls.


Set of balls 4 and draw machine Amethyst were used.


Saturday’s Lotto jackpot is an estimated £15 million.


No tickets won the Lotto Extra jackpot, in which the numbers drawn were 46, 2, 22, 27, 19 and 15.


Set of balls four and draw machine Moonstone were used.


Saturday’s Lotto Extra jackpot is an estimated £17.6 million.


There was one winner of the £250,000 top prize in the Thunderball game, where the numbers drawn were 7, 8, 25, 30, 9 with the Thunderball 14.


In Lotto Hotpicks, 24 tickets won £7,000 by matching four out of four balls,


725 won £450 for matching three out of three and 8,883 won £40 by matching two out of two.


Lottery winner bought ticket in Goshen


Steven Voss of Goshen says he has the winning ticket for the July 14 Hoosier lottery. Voss plans to claim the nearly $14 million prize soon but he doesn’t yet know what he’ll do with the money.


Voss bought his ticket at a store called The Oasis, where he’s been a regular customer, buying lottery tickets for the past 14 years.


Voss told storeowner Denny Yoder that he was just trying to put the store on the map.


Yoder will get $100,000 for selling the winning ticket at his store


Missouri man wins $11.6 million lottery jackpot


A construction worker from the eastern Missouri town Wentzville had an extra dollar while grocery shopping and decided to buy a Missouri Lotto ticket.


It turned out to be a good choice for David Spitznagel, 49, who matched all six numbers to win $11.6 million in the July 14 drawing. The Missouri Lottery released Spitznagel’s name Tuesday.


Spitznagel purchased the winning ticket at a Shop N Save store in O’Fallon. He let the computer randomly generate the winning numbers: 17, 21, 31, 34, 41 and 43.


“I was there and I had an extra dollar when I bought that one,” Spitznagel, who works as a boilermaker, said. He didn’t know he won until checking the Togel Online ticket the next day, after hearing the winning ticket was sold at the store.


Spitznagel wasn’t sure what he would do with the money, but said he needs a new house.


Shop N Save will receive a bonus equal to 1 percent of the jackpot – $116,000.


The jackpot was the fourth-largest in Lotto history. Lottery officials said 194 tickets valued at $1 million or more have been sold since the Missouri Lottery began 18 years ago.