Online Casino Singapore Scratchcards – It’s Types,Variations and Winning Tips

Online Casino Singapore
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Scratch Cards Basics



This type of casino game is different from all other games and ordinarily is not being considered as form of gambling. Scratch cards are little expensive to buy; generally one scratch card costs 1 pound and people have their apprehensive to win it.



Do not try underestimating the business of this game. They are known by different names like scratch off, online scratch cards, scratch tickets etc. this scratch card gambling is popular in France, Germany, USA, UK etc.




How to play scratch cards



It is very easy to play this game. It’s a like game of child. What all needs to be done in this game is just to obtain a scratch card, rub or scratch the information concealed in that card and get the hidden number or information. The information will show whether you have won the prize or any reward or not. It is always fun to play scratch cards. Scratch cards are very popular and they can be found anywhere. Players can find them the nearby gas station, grocery shops and shopping malls but always try to buy the scratch cards from some reputed establishments.


Types of Scratch Cards


There are different types of scratch cards that can be seen in the market or the world of gambling.


1970’s Scratch Cards


These scratch cards were used to have themes mentioned in the tickets and this was their specialty. People used buy their choice of cards.


Online Scratch Cards


These scratch cards also have themes and with this feature they have multiplying numbers like 3x, 5x etc. so if the player scratches the card of 3x, then he will win $30 dollars.


Strategies/Tips to play Scratch Cards


Proper and organized study is needed. The more you know about this game the more it shall help you to win this game.


Always make your monthly, weekly or yearly budget according to your requirements. It becomes easier to make the budge in advance so that without any future tension you can spend your time and money in this game.


If you are playing online this game then the good news for you is the websites which provide the option to play this game, do not charge much money for it. But you have to be very careful and vigilant while choosing those sites.


There are sites that provide strategies and techniques to play the game of scratch cards and this is highly advisable; instead of spending money in buying the scratch cards or without any guidance take some tips from these sites, learn strategies and then go for winning this game. Some sites also provide mathematical tools to choose scratch cards.


Choosing the correct Online Casino Singapore scratch card is also very important step while spending the money and trying the luck in the game scratch cards

Always try and choose the scratch card which interests you the most, because playing with whole interest in the game, it makes you the king of that game and you actually know it well; how to win the game.


If you are new to this scratch card game and don’t know what card you should choose and play with, it’s always better to choose a card which is free and easy to play. By this you will try out all the games and this will make easy for you to take decision in future as it narrow downs your choice of scratch cards.


Instead of buying the scratch cards of Powerball, Mega Millions try and buy the scratch cards from the site that provide the above mentioned strategies.