Online Casino Singapore Scratchcards – It’s Types,Variations and Winning Tips



Scratch Cards Basics



This type of casino game is different from all other games and ordinarily is not being considered as form of gambling. Scratch cards are little expensive to buy; generally one scratch card costs 1 pound and people have their apprehensive to win it.



Do not try underestimating the business of this game. They are known by different names like scratch off, online scratch cards, scratch tickets etc. this scratch card gambling is popular in France, Germany, USA, UK etc.




How to play scratch cards



It is very easy to play this game. It’s a like game of child. What all needs to be done in this game is just to obtain a scratch card, rub or scratch the information concealed in that card and get the hidden number or information. The information will show whether you have won the prize or any reward or not. It is always fun to play scratch cards. Scratch cards are very popular and they can be found anywhere. Players can find them the nearby gas station, grocery shops and shopping malls but always try to buy the scratch cards from some reputed establishments.


Types of Scratch Cards


There are different types of scratch cards that can be seen in the market or the world of gambling.


1970’s Scratch Cards


These scratch cards were used to have themes mentioned in the tickets and this was their specialty. People used buy their choice of cards.


Online Scratch Cards


These scratch cards also have themes and with this feature they have multiplying numbers like 3x, 5x etc. so if the player scratches the card of 3x, then he will win $30 dollars.


Strategies/Tips to play Scratch …